Top Best Hiking Watches Under $200 Updated 2022

Hey Dear, Are you looking for having the best choice of Hiking Watches Under $200? Here are the best choices mentioned according to your need. Hiking is an outdoor sports activity. If you want to be alive and on the right track, you must use a GPS-enabled watch.

Comparing the prices of many GPS hiking watches, it can be said that they are very affordable. Most are offered at very high price points, but we opted for the mid-range for the avid budget hiker.

Made Simple Quick Comparison Best choice Hiking Watches Under $200

Suunto Core Sports Wrist Top ABC Watches With Depth Measure & Weather Graph

Suunto is an amazing and evolving name in the smartwatch industry. Suunto Core models have established themselves due to interesting and unique features that are considered before long outdoor trips. We will talk briefly about it now.

The design and appearance are comfortable, and more color variations are available. Buckle clasps are easy to release and are strong enough to withstand tension and force. The watch is equipped with a smart triple-sensor altimeter, barometer, and compass that updates for vertical height in terms of overall ascent and descent, whether biking or cliff walking. The barometer closely monitors the barometric pressure while hiking.

The slope and change of atmospheric pressure are graphed on the screen. Suunto core is equipped with a computer that aggregates barometric and altimeter data to predict possible weather conditions. 400 world positions for sunrise and sunset times are infused into the watch.

Having an accurate compass can help prevent you from going in the wrong direction, which has proven to be a life-saving feature. Other key features include a depth gauge, useful during swimming and snorkeling diving adventures. The depth meter is programmed to update the user for the current depth and the maximum depth in meters.

A stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, dual time, and sporty chronograph display make the Suunto core sportier. The bezel is marked with instructions for use and makes it easy to navigate the watch for different purposes. The backlight can be used to provide a brightness watch display in low light.

The buttons are very smooth and I never miss a press. The strap is made of high-quality rubber that won’t succumb to any extreme cold or heat.

  • A standout feature of Suunto Core: the presence of accurate ABC sensors provides important insights related to weather, altitude, and direction.
  • Reliable compass and weather forecast from barometer and altimeter database
  • Updating sunrise and sunset times for around 400 countries
  • Graphical display height and barometer
  • Depth gauge for snorkeling diving with current and maximum depth information
  • Large sporty display and backlight
  • Dual time with alarm settings, chronographic stopwatch and countdown timesheard

  • Comfortable strap
  • Accurate altimeter
  • and barometer
  • Strom alarm
  • Strap is convertible
  • Lightweight and good battery timing
  • Difficult to understand for first time
Best Selling

Garmin Instinct Tough And Rugged watch with GPS outdoor watch

Admirable Garmin is well-known and uses other smartwatch brands. It is emerging as superior. Best Garmin presents a range of bests models of outdoor wear watches that are popular among hikers and bikers. Garmin’s instincts are the pride of manufacturers.

The best and ideal watch with amazing features is a typical budget-friendly hiking watch. It offers those options that will continue to entertain you after years of use. Garmin Instinct offers smart shapes and multiple color options. Owning such a sturdy and tough watch is something to be proud of. The display and dial are large and easy to navigate. Knurled buttons are clumsy and not stiff.

The display’s lens is scratch-resistant and has excellent contrast, making it easy to navigate and observe your readings. A very good case made of high-reinforced polymer that is not easily broken by heat or shock.

The best materials to build are tough, tough and must withstand extreme environmental stresses. The strap is made of silicone material and is comfortable to wear. The main feature is the GPS which makes it difficult to leave this watch. You can also use the services of several global satellites, not just GPS.

  • Garmin Instinct, rugged outdoor watch with GPS features: Connects to your smartphone to receive social media, call, and text updates
  • Upload data to the Garmin fitness community
  • Provides trackback routes for easy return from safe routes
  • Connectivity GPS, Glonass, and Galileo to gain in-depth insight into your position in the most challenging environments.
  • There are built-in training profiles for running, hiking, and biking. The watch also monitors your heart rate, activity level and measures your stress so you know how far you’ve come.
  • Military standard 810G protects against heat, shock, and water damage.
  • Battery timing is about 16 hours in GPS mode for smartwatch over 14 days, 40 hours when using UltraTrack known battery saver mode.

  • Lightweight and comfortable with easy keys and fast display
  • Accurate ABC sensor operation
  • Easy user interface
  • Excellent battery timing with multiple modes, heart rate activity monitor
  • Made from reinforced polymer
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Fast with 3 satellites GPS connection setup
  • Can improve band length for fat wrists
  • Slightlyvi brations

Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch with 3 Axis Compass & ABC Sensors

Garmin Fenix ​​3 can be taken on a trek It is a very suitable touch screen watch. , biking, hiking trips. The actual presentation is great. The 1.2-inch display has the advantage of being easy to read even in strong sunlight. The bezel is made of PVD stainless steel.

The wristband is made of soft silicone and the outer housing is made of a highly reinforced polymer that provides strength and durability to the watch. The on-screen display is backed by a backlight to help manage data and readings in the dark. GPS is paired with Glonass and EPO with stainless steel EXO antenna to observe and fix your current location faster than GPS.

The ability to pair with your smartphone eliminates the hassle of repeatedly watching your phone for updates, and connecting with Garmin makes it easy to keep up with all your social, email, phone, and message updates. You can also upload data to the Garmin app via a WiFi connection.

A 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, and route tracking capabilities are the cherry on the cake for this kind of watch. To improve running performance. Garmin Fenix ​​3 incorporates running dynamics measurements including VO2 max, ground contact time along vertical vibration.

  • Garmin Fenix ​​3 standout features: Compatible with the Connect IQ app, allowing you to customize your user interface with multiple display faces,
  • multi-satellite pairing to get more accurate and faster location data
  • You can share routes online via Bluetooth and ANT+ smart. Wireless Features
  • Chroma display screen with backlight for night-time data access
  • Accurate environmental data via altimeter and barometer
  • Long battery backup in smartwatch mode
  • Tough, rugged, and rugged thanks to silicone wristband and polymer case from

  • Touch screen with Android operating system
  • Fast GPS coupling
  • Durable material
  • You can read notifications on the watch’s face without disturbing your smartphone.
  • take Some times to connect to Wi-Fi

SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men’s ABC Watch With The Weather Forecast

Suunto is acclaimed by everyone in the sense of the style and look of the watch. Whether you like solo, sporty, simple, fancy, or military-style watches, don’t worry, Suunto will take care of you. Suunto Core is an all-black men’s watch with tactical sensors.

Suunto core round and quartz watches emerged as reliable companions through the arduous road of wastelands and whiteouts. The black 24mm silicone wristband is comfortable and sturdy. The outer case is made of carbon fiber and the bezel is made of aluminum. The compass direction is marked on the bezel.

Its main features include three important sensors: altimeter, barometer, and compass. As you advance and ascend, the altimeter will keep you updated on your current height and total ascent and descent. Computer-based barometers provide fairly solid insight into an upcoming storm, heavy rain, or flood while enjoying a singing group at base camp.

While walking or climbing, you can forget about tracking yourself in the wilderness and the blanks. Suunto Core is equipped with a compass to navigate your current direction in sporty conditions, so there is no need to panic.

The mineral material of the main display lens resists scratches and dullness. The backlight function makes the data easy to read at night, and the watch can display sunrise and sunset times for 400 locations around the world.

Additional features include an alarm with snooze function, water resistance to 100 meters, no button press underwater, temperature resistance from -5 to 140°F, and a barometer range starting at 300 bar and up to 1100 bar.

  • Suunto Core hiking watch standout features: rugged and rugged with aluminum bezel, silicone band, and carbon fiber outer case
  • Lightweight and attractive design
  • Easy to read in the sunlight and low battery timing warning
  • Measure depth up to 30 feet
  • Triple sensor data 7 days memory for and other parameters
  • A dual hour with snooze option, calendar clock, and 1-day alarm

  • High resolution up to 1 meter
  • Easily switch straps in a short time
  • Low battery indicator
  • Large displays can be uncomfortable
  • Wriston fat straps

Casio Men’s PAG240T Pathfinder Triple-Sensor ABC Stainless Steel Watch

Casio has cemented its brand reputation with valuable watches available in a handful of designs, colors, functions, and smart options. Casio Pathfinder offers attention-grabbing triple-sensor navigation.

Its sporty design, large digital display, titanium color, and metal bracelet make it an ideal choice for athletes. The uniqueness lies in the specific band material made of titanium, a light, and alluring natural appearance. The bezel is made of resin and has direction markings, and the outer case is made of stainless steel.

The main features of Casio Pathfinder are a digital compass, accurate altimeter, barometer, low-temperature resistance, and solar charging. Mineral rend can withstand scratches and breakage.

  • Casio Men’s PAG240T Pathfinder features: Circular watch with quartz movement
  • UV and sunlight rechargeable battery
  • 5 daily alarms, stopwatch, and thermometer readings
  • Automatic backlight for low light and night vision
  • ABC triple sensor and Water resistant to 330 feet
  • The battery in this Casio Tough solar watch provides 5 to 23 months of backup without charging

  • The integrated solar panel can use sunlight and ultraviolet light to charge the watch’s battery.
  • 31 Time Zones, Rough Solar Watch Outdoors
  • Titanium Bracelet What
  • The compass needs a bit of exercise in the area we go out
  • The band is customizable but available through our watch service
  • The clasp is loose

  • proshere
  • conshere

G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar Auto Backlight and Japanese Quartz

G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar has the stubborn ability to tolerate abuse. The trump card is among the best watches for hikes under $100. Resin bands in standard widths and lengths for the gym, sports, and office wear. Its round shape and good display make it easy to read. The watch is light and light in weight, powered by a quartz movement, and has a fixed Weilbezel. Water resistance up to 660 feet and comfortable for surface water activities.

An advanced capacity feature is solar charging. A fully charged battery can provide power for 26 months in energy-saving mode. The multi-band option allows this watch to provide time in 6 countries.

Additional options include alarm, stopwatch, EL backlight, and power-saving functions. It’s stealthy and rough according to its shape, but it lacks an ABC sensor. No altimeter, no barometer, no compass.

  • G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar’s standout features: Consists of lightweight and robust solar, backlit fully automatic lighting
  • Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping
  • Sleep mode to extend backup up to 26 months after full charge
  • Advanced solar charging
  • Time server Automatically syncs with
  • Rough and rugged for outdoor use What I like

  • Solar rechargeable battery
  • Long battery backup
  • Multi-band atomic time measurement
  • Durable material, comfort
  • Japanese quartz movement Digital display What
  • Readability Needs improvement
  • Bold wristband slightly shorte

Garmin Vivoactive 3 with GPS Smartwatch

Garmin watches that will warm men’s hearts with their stylish design and colorful icon display that takes full advantage of. You may want these watches to be worn for indoor sports activities, outdoor activities, yoga, and running. So wait a minute, the Garmin Vivoactive 3 is privileged to make your dreams come true.

It is more than that. Enjoy the perks of a GPS watch that allows you to check your current location, speed and distance traveled. The watch’s chroma display is highly readable even in bright sunlight and is a sight to behold.

The display screen is surrounded by Corning Gorilla Glass, making it extremely durable. It comes preloaded with 15 apps that support a variety of outdoor and indoor activities and can be used for any purpose, and contactless payment options eliminate the need for face-to-face payments.

Heart rate monitor, activity monitor, stress monitor, VO2 for fitness level are all perks you can do with this watch. Connect IQ allows you to change and customize the watch user interface.

The watch is lightweight due to the material consumed. The bezel and back cover are made of stainless steel and the outer housing is made of fiber-reinforced polymer. The battery is rechargeable and can be backed up for up to 13 hours with GPS and up to 7 days with smart mode. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the best Garmin watches with GPS and other fitness and wellness options.

  • Garmin 3 standout features: wrist-based optical heart rate monitor, stress monitor
  • GPS for location, pace, and distance traveled
  • Preloaded apps for running, swimming, yoga, and walking
  • Customizable on-screen interface with the help of Connect IQ Store app
  • Customizable widgets and swipe feature
  • Daily fitness insights to help you practice and work out productively
  • Sync with your smartphone to receive all updates like texts, calls, emails, and social feeds right on your wrist.
  • Bluetooth connection means for communication

  • Accurate heart rate
  • Stress rate and sleep rate monitor
  • Customizable user interface and screen face
  • Connectivity with your phone
  • GPS tracks your way while cycling
  • Running, Climbing and Hiking
  • Uploading maps routes to learning on the first trip

Lad Weather Altimeter Barometer Compass Watch: HR Monitor, Thermometer Rechargeable

Lad weather Launched the best hiking watch under $200. It can be a nightmare if spending good money isn’t worth it. The main purpose is to focus on the name of the watch here. A watch with transaction blocking properties such as Triple ABC sensor, temperature measurement, pedometer, and heart rate monitor.

A negative display increases the backup time and makes the screen easier to read. The directional engraved bezel is fixed and the back cover is also made of aluminum. The strap is made of polyurethane and the screen glass is made of acrylic.

The altimeter corresponds to your current altitude as a graph and sounds a beep when the altitude is equal to or higher than a set value. The barometer displays chart-based information about changes in air pressure. The compass has a digital display with a compass lock.

Additional features include automatic backlighting, low battery warning, USB charging, and water resistance to 30 meters. The watch’s battery timing is 3.5 months in time mode.

  • The Lad Weather Altimeter barometer watch features: pedometer, triple sensors (barometer, altimeter, digital compass), and heart rate monitor while jogging
  • Digital quartz movement, lightweight and resistant to water damage to 30 meters
  • Scratch-resistant dial window
  • Based on weather barometer data as predicted
  • altimeter data and graphical display of barometric chart
  • thermometer (Fahrenheit from 14 to 140 degrees)

  • pointslistened to theheart
  • accurate barometer
  • Distance measurements after switching clock to trip mode
  • accurate heart rate monitor and altimeter
  • Not bulky and not comfortable What
  • Battery drains slightly faster after switching to heart rate counter
  • Accidental button presses are possible but avoidable
  • Compass needs calibration

Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRG-270-1 Tough Solar Triple Sensor Multifunction Digital Watch

This watch is the product of sports style and smartness. Casio has always been generous to add value to men’s hiking and sports watches. Although the design possibilities of the Casio g shock watches look similar, there are significant differences in sensors, displays, and materials.

The Casio Trek 270-1 is a rugged solar-powered watch with an altimeter, barometer, and digital compass. The material of the strap and the stationary bezel is resin, and the display window is scratch-resistant mineral processing.

A key feature of the Casio Trek PRG 270 is that it can be charged with both solar and UV light, eliminating the time required to change batteries or connect to the charging dock. The battery can power the watch for 9 months after a full charge. The watch is also resistant to low temperatures, as it works best at temperatures as low as -7°C (14°F).

Other fascinating features incorporated here are multi-alarm, stopwatch with 3 modes, 31 time zones, and automatic afterglow backlight. The altimeter readout can manually store up to 30 records with time, date, and altitude. Well, this is a cheap ABC watch. It’s one of the best hiking watches that can be a reliable companion.

  • Highlights of Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRG-270-1:9 1 month battery backup after first full charge
  • UV and solar power available
  • Triple sensor ABC watch
  • Reliable full body material
  • Thermometer reading and low-temperature resistance
  • Water resistance up to 100 meters
  • No need to change batteries or plug-ins for charging

  • Sliding and affordability of affordable
  • comfortable and stable
  • Has Long battery backup is fully functional as a tool watch
  • Accuracycompassaltimeter
  • barometer and
  • Strong brick
  • Wall and harsh environment
  • No automatic adjustment to time in different zones
  • The band is comfortable but easy to use.

Suunto Core Wrist Top Hiking Watch with ABC Sensors, Tracks Weather & Sun, Depth Mete

Sustainable plain black watch with a large round display consisting of main options altimeter, digital compass, and barometer. Directional markings are embossed on the bezel. The face background color is bright enough to observe the output of all sensors and other functions.

The straps are soft and tough, and the bezels are aluminum-based and have a natural luster. Depth measurements help you find your current and maximum underwater depth during your snorkeling dive. The altimeter keeps progress insight into your current height and maximum altitude, and all these incline records are graphed on the screen.

The barometer not only measures outdoor pressure at various heights but also provides updates on upcoming weather, giving you ample time to prepare for storms, hurricanes, or heavy rains that could cause flooding.

The challenges of adventure make us jagged to the throat, causing sleep and delays, but the Suunto core computer watch tracks the sun from over 400 locations and beeps us to pack up.

  • Suunto Wrist Computer-based hiking ABC watch with Combination of depth meter and triple sensor
  • White background and black numbers
  • Graphical depiction of altimeter data
  • Custom options for date
  • Withstands normal abuse and use
  • Strap You can convert them to your liking
  • Storm alerts

  • Great watch with depth meter and ABC sensor
  • Excellent battery timing to last a year
  • Sunrise and 400 are easy to plan and make decisions Timing Settings for Locations What
  • Storm alarms are accurate but drain the battery faster.
  • Dust can make the buttons clumsy

Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW-3000-1CR Tough Solar Triple Sensor Multifunction Hiking Watch

Casio watches have established themselves in the tough solar field. clock. It’s proven that adventurous people prefer light, heavy-duty items, and smart, sturdy gadgets to facilitate their outdoor adventures. Most of the watch base material is a resin used for the fixed bezel, strap, and outer case, while the dial screen is mineralized to prevent scratches.

The enterprise feature is to purchase a solar panel with solar charging installed on the front and charge the battery with the sun’s rays and UV UV light. The screen has a gray background and the numbers are black, so there is also a backlight for low light, but it’s good enough to read.

Multiband atomic band watch with automatic synchronization time in 6 countries. Water resistance to 100 meters with low-temperature resistance up to -10°C.

The watch’s bezel is engraved with markings for low-battery warnings, storm warnings, and time synchronization indicators in other zones. It’s the perfect solar-powered tough triple sensor ABC hiking watch for under $200 that will make your outings better and safer.

  • Outstanding Features Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW-3000-1CR: Long battery backup for 7 months after full charge
  • Dual time, countdown, alarm
  • Comfortable band material, military design
  • ABC triple sensor (altimeter, barometer, and compass)
  • Thermometer and backlight
  • Light and small watch What

  • Accurate storm alarm
  • Durable battery timing and solar charging
  • Multi-band atomic time measurement What
  • Winter wool clothes keep the watch automatically due to static electricity Maybe reset
  • The bezel is easy to scratch.
  • with minimum time increments

What are the Benefits of using a hiking watch?

Before the wristwatch became a tool, it was customary to find a hiker with a compass and a map. Although that hasn’t changed today, most hikers no longer carry a handy map and compass. Find a compass watch that comes with a barometer and altitude sensor.

Finding your way in the wilderness: The purpose of buying a hiking watch is exploration. With the additional use of onboard GPS, the compass watch used for hiking can tell you where you are and which direction to follow based on your hiking destination.

Determining the elevation and descent of mountains: direction alone is important but does not provide complete information on hiking trails in high mountains. It also matters how many feet you climb and how many feet you descend while trekking.

A good hiking watch with an altimeter tells you how far you have climbed a mountain or how deep you have hiked. Hiking watches with ABC sensors and built-in GPS are perfect for distance and altitude tracking.

Weather forecasting: Tracking weather conditions and changes is another great reason to choose a rugged watch for your hiking kit. The best hiking watches are equipped with an onboard barometer or temperature sensor that detects changes around the hike. With a smartwatch for hiking, you can view the full weather report by simply loading a hiking map on the display screen.

Some hiking adventure watches show sunrise and sunset times, so for hikers who want to trek, it’s a longer hike, so you know it’s time to get out of the woods before dark. Hiking in a storm and getting caught up in something you’re not prepared for is far more deadly. So, at the very least, buy a weather hiking watch that guides you.

To use the onboard Topo map for navigating the hiking terrain: Maps have been an integral part of any outdoor activity, and if you choose an outdoor watch, a hiking watch with a map is a better choice. Familiarize yourself with the hiking environment using a GPS map watch before you set off. Staying safe and looking for it is far better than getting lost in the wilderness.

To be notified even after hiking without a smartphone: Best of all, many hiking watches allow you to check your calendar and receive texts, messages, emails, and phone notifications without your smartphone. With a hiking smartwatch, it’s all right on your wrist.

To track health, wellness, and reporting performance: The best hiking watches are perfect for tracking both the health and wellness of the hikers involved. Not all hikers will be able to trek or run 500 feet in the woods, so you should make sure the hiker still has the (healthy) ability to follow your outdoor adventures.

When it comes to smart outdoor activities, it’s not uncommon to see that most hiking watches have the same fitness features as outdoor smartwatches. The hiking fitness watch counts your trek steps, monitors your heart rate 24/7, tracks your sleep, stress, and alerts you when you’re tired.

A good ABC sports watch can count the calories burned during the test, so if you’re not playing weight loss games, you can eat or bring lots of food. A great hiker watch syncs your hiking data to your phone.

High RecSuunto Core Wristommend watch for hiking

Forget your budget for a while; I highly recommend the best hiking watches I’ve ever seen. I’m talking about the one and only “G-Shock Rangeman G series stylish watch”.

This G-Shock Rangeman is the most popular “Casio G-Shock” military watch on the market today, of interest to buyers and individuals alike. From a cost-effective and practical standpoint, this watch’s features, durability, style, and functionality are hardly comparable to other G-Shock watches.

This watch offers a mineral “dial window” with a “fully digital display”. The case is about 5.5 cm in diameter and 17 mm thick. This band is 22mm wide and made of full resin. It is also solar-powered and can easily be used for up to 7 months without sun exposure. This watch has garnered a huge amount of favorable reviews and reviews for its benefits.

These Hiking Watches can be helpful as per rating shown below.

What should be considered In The Best Hiking Watch Buying Guide 2021

What to consider before choosing the best backpacking watch for mountain hiking trails? Here’s our guide to not only choosing an affordable hiking watch but also getting you home with the best outdoor hiking watch you can count on.

1. It should be easy to use
The interface type of an affordable hiking watch is important. Are you sure your mountain climbing ABC watch uses a touchscreen or navigation buttons? For smartphone fans, the touchscreen-based Outdoor Men’s Hiking Watch will look more intuitive and attractive.

The downside of smart screen outdoor watches is that they may not work properly with gloves or wet hands. A good backpacking watch for hiking with buttons is easier to operate. Buttons have to be pressed in some order before displaying what you want on the screen.

2. ABC sensor
If you plan to go to wilderness and cliff areas, be sure to bring an ABC watch that updates vertical distance, height, barometric pressure, current direction, and weather updates.

3. GPS
A GPS watch is a reliable companion, so you can easily get accurate location data anywhere. Easily upload maps and routes to track destinations and trackbacks. A pedometer helps you count steps when running, walking, or hiking on a treadmill.

A thermometer can be useful when you are in a hot area. You can take a nap in the shade to avoid sunburn. A heart rate monitor is an additional option but a must if you have cardiovascular heart disease. It can help you find your BPM and make decisions about your activities.

4. Strap
Outdoor watches are sturdy and durable due to their materials. So, choose a watch based on your needs and fit. Although polymer-reinforced materials are also used, the resin is the common material used in most watches. Dial windows can be made of acrylic, sapphire, and mineral. Acrylic is susceptible to scratches, while the other two are resistant to such damage.

5. Waterproof
If you hike near water or in winter, you will come into contact with the water. However, most of the hiking, adventure and mountaineering watches on the market are rugged and waterproof. They can survive splashes, showers, and rain—no need to worry if it rains in the mountains.

Other waterproof (100m or 200m) watches are more suitable for showering, swimming, and snorkeling. If you like to swim while hiking, you should choose an outdoor waterproof watch at least 100 meters deep. For hiking and recreational diving, water resistance must be at least 200 meters (660 feet).

6. Connectivity
Smartwatches are designed to give you the ability to pair with your phone and keep you updated with all the notifications you see on your phone, so you should prefer it if you can afford it in your pocket.

7. Battery/Charging
Most tours finish within a week or a month. However, it is important to keep in mind that if your watch has all the sensors and advanced features such as GPS and ABC sensors, you need to keep it on time. For example, Suunto and Casio have launched a rugged solar-powered watch for under $200. However, some watches with GPS have battery timing of several hours after the first charge in working GPS mode.

8. Price range
It is necessary to check the budget. You can find many of the best hiking watches for $200 or more, but you have to decide how much money to spend on the adventure. Some brands make fairly affordable watches ranging from $100 to $200 for hiking with advanced ABC features. Lightweight and durable with a sapphire dial cover and scratch resistance.

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